Story behind the card: Inner Child

When I was back in my hometown last summer, I reconnected with all kinds of people from my past. Family members, classmates, old friends, and old versions of my Self. I found my journals, childhood artwork, and photographs, all of which helped me bridge the gap between my inner child and my adult Self.

One of my first meetings was with two of my psychic friends, sisters Emily and Rachel. Rachel and I were born within 24 hours of each other and have a lot in common. She gifted me with a photo from our Kindergarten holiday pageant, where she played Angel #1 and I played Angel #10 (she’s the angel in the left of the frame, I’m the angel all the way at the right).

Later in the week, I decided to draw from the photo Rachel gave me. I’m not sure why, but it was tucked in my sketch book and I was trying to clear my mind on my parents’ back deck. But within 15 minutes of sketching, 5-year-old Emilia, daughter of family friends, joined me and asked what I was doing.

I told her I was drawing a picture of my Self, from a picture of my Self, that was taken when I was a kindergartener, just like her. We flipped through my sketchbook together and then she disappeared into the house. I kept drawing. When she came back, she had my deck of tarot cards (Tarot of the Spirit) in her hand and asked if we could draw the woman on the front of the deck together (The Empress).

As if that request weren’t enough to stop me in my tracks, she then told me that the woman on the front of the deck’s name is actually the Queen of Lunaria, and that the message she had for me was to “Release the Higher” or “Bring down all the power from the sky and use it (on Earth).” I still get chills just thinking about it. Have you ever had a child confront you with such a thing?

I can see where many people might write this sort of language off as a child’s wild imagination; and I do not disagree that the child’s imagination is wild. But the reason I feel that this encounter was more than just “kids being kids” is because I equate the imagination *with* the intuition. I consider that they may very well be the exact same psychological faculty. One does not exclude the other. 

Emilia shared a lot with me that evening and I recorded all of her messages and insights in my notebook alongside some of her own drawings, including the drawing that represents the INNER CHILD in the Subconscious Signals deck.

Skepticism creeping up once again, I googled and researched every phrase and message she said to me, to see if the names or messages overlapped with contemporary children’s television programs or video games that I simply had never heard of. There was no overlap with anything other than the Wiccan religion and tarot iconography.

I believe our children are sacred and their sensitivity to the subtle energies around us serve to teach stubborn adults that they (we) really aren’t the wisest citizens of this society.

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Synchronicity + Hilma af Klint

Synchronicities: Some write them off as coincidences, but many spiritually-inclined folks understand these experiences to be meaningfully related.

I recently released a painting series and made it available on my artist website. My friend Dawn, who is also a medium, purchased a print of the painting above, and she told me it reminded her of Swedish artist Hilma af Klint. Naturally, I began to research Klint extensively (I have a degree in art history, which many may find useless, but I have found it to be remarkably practical in my life).

When I researched Hilma, not only did I discover that we are both psychic mediums (!), but also that we both paint without underdrawings, or preliminary sketches. We paint intuitively and from a completely receptive state. Many people don’t know about Hilma, a member of  the pre-Modern abstract movement, because she requested that her paintings not be shown to the public until 20 years after her death; she did not feel as though anyone would understand them yet.

While I was looking at her work, I saw a yellow spiral in this piece, which I immediately recognized. Turns out I had subconsciously cut out that spiral and added it to a Sunlight Oracle promo collage on my 1:1 page. See here:

The night after Dawn mentioned Hilma to me, she visited me in a dream. When people ask me about visitation dreams, I’ve always understood them to be the Spirit’s last-ditch effort at trying to get your attention, i.e. when you’re in the vulnerable state of sleeping as opposed to the waking state of supressing. 

In my dream, Hilma and I were on an air plane together, painting the same MEET YOUR MAKER painting in front of a large group of onlookers. We were mixing neon oil paints in my prized food processor. I can now welcome Hilma into my artist process, and I am so excited to create more spirit-inspired painting for the world with her help.



Spirit portraits in oil, pt. 3

This week I have three unclaimed oil painting Spirit portraits. 

If you’re new here (many of you are!), I paint Spirits that come visit me without knowing who they are or whom they are trying to connect with. If you recognize them and at least 80% of the accompanying information, you can claim them as your loved one. Please read the description and e-mail me ( if you recognize these folks. You can scroll down and check out the last couple of entries as well. Have fun.

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