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Sunlight Oracle is a psychic service that connects you to the other side + to the divine within yourself.

Books for 1:1 readings are closed until March 2023, but courses + coaching  are available.

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Aleks says
Since working with Sunny, my relationship with myself is stronger than ever. I honed my existing psychic abilities, and I also developed new ones by learning about the theory and practical application of mystical concepts. I now have enough  in myself to start reading tarot professionally!

Becca says
I noticed a shift in every facet of my life after just a few weeks of working with Sunny. She enters your shared space with meaning and thoughtfulness, plus she's totally down to ride the waves with you. Mere words are not enough, but I encourage everyone to do this work with Sunny as their mentor.

Nikki from the UK

I have spent the last 7 years angry because I wanted my loved one back; but after the mediumship reading with Sunny, I can let that go now.

I honestly did not know what to expect from this, but I gained a sense of genuine comfort. Thank you so much!

VyVy from Massachusetts 

Sunny is the best medium I have had the pleasure of meeting, hands down. She was able to genuinely connect with my brother who had recently and unexpectedly passed, and she was spot on with all her predictions. She knew a lot of things that only my immediate family knew and was able to provide me clarity and peace on my brothers passing...  I cannot recommend her highly enough.

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