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Nikki from the UK

I have spent the last 7 years angry because I wanted my loved one back; but after the mediumship/spirit portrait with Sunlight Oracle, I can let that go now.

I honestly did not know what to expect from this, but I gained a sense of genuine comfort. Thank you so much!

VyVy from Massachusetts 

Sunny is the best medium I have had the pleasure of meeting, hands down. She was able to genuinely connect with my brother who had recently and unexpectedly passed, and she was spot on with all her predictions. She knew a lot of things that only my immediate family knew and was able to provide me clarity and peace on my brothers passing...  I cannot recommend her highly enough. 

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Sunlight Oracle is a psychic mediumship service that connects you to the other side through art and extra-sensory perception.

Sunny paints your loved ones on the other side, without prior information about them nor image references, and she mails you the portraits along with written messages. Read more about her practice or listen to her speak about it.

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