Welcome to the psychic and energetic world of Sunlight Oracle.

I am a psychic medium and spirit artist. I practice evidential spirit communication, and I also guide fellows artists in their quest of authentic self-expression.

  • All information is filtered through me, and I am:
  • ⭒❃.✮:▹  3/6 Mental Projector
  • ⭒❃.✮:▹ Scorpio sun, Aquarius moon, Scorpio rising

I am not a mental health professional. I am the guide you find as a result of doing your own deep inner work. 

Here is my story. 

When I was 20, I was diagnosed with x, y, and z disorders during a single 10-minute psychiatry session. The doctor prescribed antipsychotic drugs and I truly believed I was doomed forever.

Eventually I started self-medicating with drugs and alcohol, because it was more accessible, extremely prevalent in my environment, and sometimes it was fun. I became dependent on drugs and alcohol to cope with life.

When I was 28, I got sober. Turns out that the spiritual lens is what works for me. My spirituality keeps me sober, safe, and functional. It also gives me access connection, joy, and my truth.

My truth is that I am a  spirit artist who is here to guide others' connection to the other side + beyond perceived limits. Thus, Sunlight Oracle, the biz and the medium, was born.

I received the call to do spirit portraiture in the middle of the night in December 2021, but I have worked as a professional artist since I left a career in newspaper photojournalism in 2016 (my first job was actually writing newspaper obituaries!).

I encourage intuitive artists to liberate themselves from their perceived limits and locate their unique voice with ease via Human Design and psychic intuition. Interested? Book a reading and we can begin to sort it out.

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