You can only ignore your intuition for so long.

So, what do you do when you finally begin to notice it? 

And how do you trust it?

That's where I come in. 👋 

When I finally started to listen to my intuition, I got sober and uncovered my natural mediumship ability, a skill I'd been suppressing for years. I started living a life that is in alignment with my true nature, not one that meets the expectations of others.

In addition to professional spirit readings, I can help you recover, discover, sharpen, trust, and harness the unique power of your intuition.

While working with me, you will come to understand the connection between your subconscious mind and your conscious expression, so that you can live an authentic and heart-led life.

Every RYI client receives a tailored-to-you experience that may include different forms of meditation, subconscious exercises, artistic soul expression, birth chart analysis, tarot card reading, intuitive theory, and partnership exercises with other intuitives.

Ready to feel like your Self? Let's see if we're a good fit.

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Does this sound like you?

"Is this my intuition —  

or is this my anxiety?

I got you.

"How do I stop taking on the feelings of the people around me?"

I got you.

"Why do I struggle to follow my gut feeling when I know it's right?"

I got you. 

{Past 1:1 client testimonials}

Taylor F. from Indianapolis

Sunny has been the best mentor for me.  I have a lots of feelings that can be very for overwhelming for me, and it's easy to put guards up. Sunny has  has given me curated tools that help me understand my heart and my intuition, and I've learned how to let those walls down.

Our energies match very well, and I feel supported and comfortable with her.

I recommend Sunlight Oracle and any of her services! 10/10!!! 🌞

Becca M. from Chicago

I noticed a shift in every facet of my life after just a few weeks of working with Sunny. 

She is thoughtful, careful, and honest in her guidance. The trust I have for Sunny is profound because she epitomizes non-judgment. She enters your shared space with so much meaningful thoughtfulness and consideration but is also totally down to ride the waves with you. 

Mere words are not enough, but I seriously encourage everyone to give this work a go with Sunny as your mentor. 

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