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Subconscious Signals: The Energy of Change

$100.00 USD

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This deck is special, unique, boutique, and only available only while supplies lasts. When the decks are sold out, they are gone. Every deck is cleansed and blessed and packaged by me.


- 70+ brand new cards (the first deck had 48)

- Guidebook that appears to have been channeled through the lens of Shamanic tradition + archetypes

- The artwork ranges from photography to drawing (in one instance, from a 5 year old girl) to painting and digital collage.


Real change happens on the subconscious level. This deck is created to help you communicate with your subconscious mind. By pulling cards from this deck, you will acquaint yourself with your ability to shift yourself from the present into the future, or from the past into the present. This deck is powerful, and it's not here to confirm your biases; it's here to effectively launch and sustain change in your life. 

It's the coolest thing I've ever made, I am sure of it.


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