Artwork from LOCATE YOUR INTUITION, cohort #1

ALAS!  The artwork of five amazing artists who participated in the first-ever LOCATE YOUR INTUITION workshop, my six-week, tailored-to-you online course that guides you in discovering and developing your own intuitive gifts. This cohort was special; not only because it was the first one ever, but because everyone who signed up had an expressed interest and talent in art. Here are some examples of the art they unearthed within themselves (there were no art assignments, just pure creative drive).

I am so grateful to all these women who put their trust in me and, more importantly, the trust in themselves. Yall rule and ILY! If you want to join the next cohort and unearth your gifts (artistic or OTHERWISE!), sign up today.

ATHENA BY ALI SULLIVAN ; “This is Athena, because I felt intuitively called to paint her, and I didn’t question why, and when I looked up her symbolism after creating her, I realized her energy is one of my guides. I resonated with her energy of being an artisan while also being a fierce warrior, and child-free, yet a mother to her community.” FIND MORE OF ALI’S WORK HERE.

BY EMILY BEIN: This was a hard one to pick for me - since I have been processing almost everything through my art! This one in particular stood out though - as I remember it being a breakthrough moment for me. I drew this in a meditative state during the beginning of the course when I was just starting to become more vulnerable. The colors, face, and movement within the work definitely reflects my spiritual nature. A few days later I realized that it connected perfectly to a painting I made several years ago that was also a breakthrough moment for me at the time. It was then that I realized the correlation between the two pieces of art and how I have grown as an artist/person. The painting I did several years ago was how I viewed my anxiety and how it overtook my life. Using the same colors, style, and movement in the art I made during this course with more detail shows how I have overcome my anxiety which in return helped me unlock a whole new part of me I never knew could exist.” FIND MORE OF EMILY’S WORK HERE.

“I made this immediately after our class today and it’s possibly one of the most accurate self-portraits I’ve ever made. Thanks for an incredible class!”


PHOTOS BY BECCA MITSOS. Find more of her work here.

“This is the first artwork I have made “just because” in probably 10 years. I made it quickly and without expectation. I made it soon after our first meeting where we went over goals for the course and felt compelled to draw it for some reason. Seeing your shirt with “trust your gut” on it during our last lecture, gave me chills and made me realize that I actually made this artwork for a reason after all: it was a reminder to myself and to my future self that trusting your gut actually leads you to exactly where you need to be.” Find Rachel’s commissioned work here. 

Join cohort #2 right here on my website. I can’t wait! Class starts April 11.

Skeptical about mediumship? I get it.

Hello friends! As a psychic medium, I perceive spirit communication from the other side. What happens during a reading is that I start to see things, hear things, and feel things and reporting those findings to my clients in real time. While these findings rarely make any sense to me, they often make sense to the sitter thereby making them feel connected to their loved ones in spirit.

It’s super normal to hear me describe mediumship and become skeptical. Skepticism is healthy. With me, respectful skepticism is welcome. I experience my own my skeptical moments.

Last week I gave a reading to a woman named Hollie and I connected her with her son Anthony, who died tragically at 20. The reading went really well and I was able to provide “ungoogle-able” evidence, i.e. things I couldn’t logically know about her son and their relationship. You’ll see one example of it in this video.

While we were debriefing at the end of the session, her boyfriend came onto the screen and wanted to express some of his respectful skepticism regarding the psychic industry. I include part of our conversation here because it’s a pretty common one:

I love conversations like that because it gets me to really reflect and refine my beliefs about my own mediumship practice. 

Here are my personal beliefs regarding mediumship, based on my personal experiences:

  • No one knows precisely what happens when you die, and anyone who says they know is spinning a tale.
  • I have no desire to convert any one into believing in mediumship. Take it or leave it, my friends.
  • I believe things exist beyond the material plane, beyond what we can see and touch. I regularly tap into this space (oft called ‘the other side’) and that’s where I find the “ungoogle-able” information about people.
  • We are all intricately connected to one another and to other living beings.
  • Mediumship can be an incredibly healing experience for those suffering from grief.
  • I believe everyone has an intuition, and that what makes me talented at this work is my intense interest, discipline, and devotion to developing the skillset. In other words, \ though some people are born with a more maturely developed intuition, anyone can develop one, anyone can do what I do,

  • I hope this video makes clear where I stand as a medium. I am not interested in convincing anyone of anything, I just love talking about what I do and how I’ve seen it help people heal from grief or alter their view of the world. 

    5 tips for your first reading with a medium

    So you’ve booked your first reading with a medium, and you don’t know how to prepare. The good news is that you don’t have to do anything — just show up with an open mind!

    Here’re some tips for first-timers:

    1.  While mediumship takes on spooky connotations in contemporary society, good medium readings are intended to be a relaxing, healing, and memorable experience for you.

    2.  Jitters are normal and will likely dissipate as the reading unfolds. Sometimes meditation or mindful breathing before a session will help to calm the nervous system.

    3. Do not give the medium excessive information about who you are, who your loved one is, dates, names, etc. For me, having more information about your life or the life of your loved one will compromise the validity of the reading. The less I know about you beforehand, the better the reading will be. Beware of mediums who fish for information and ask too many questions.

    4. If you come to a reading without a specific spirit person in mind, please note that spirits may take the opportunity to deliver messages to you that are intended for others; in other words, you become a medium too. 

    5.  If the medium does not establish a proper/recognizable connection within the first 5 minutes, any medium worth their salt will offer a refund. This does not mean your loved one does not want to connect with you, or that the medium is a fraud. It simply means the medium is not a good match.

    Whether you’re actively grieving the death of a loved one or simply curious enough to see who comes through, mediumship can make you see the world differently. <3 

    Sunlight Oracle