Week 23: Spirit portraits return

Hello friends, welcome back to your regular, scheduled programming. This week I have two detailed spirit portraits seeking their loved ones. It is possible that these two portraits are connected to one another, as they came through together and share similar features. Our loved ones never show up alone, they always travel in packs.

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Week 22: Spirit ! Z I N E !

If you’re reading this blog, then trust that you’re intended to participate in the experiment. Especially if you’re one of those readers who has been visiting this website week after week in search of your loved ones; or you’ve simply been interested in the spirit drawing process; or you’re questioning whether or not you have some mediumistic tendencies yourself (you likely do). 

I estimate I have drawn upward of 800 spirit people since January.

I made this 24-page self-published zine (pronounced like magaZINE) to give some of these amazingly detailed but unclaimed portraits a bigger shot at finding their loved ones. I’m selling them at a couple local book shops in LA, but I’m hoping I can get them directly into your hands ASAP. Yall are the folks this was made for.

Consider taking part in the great search today. The more people that participate, the sooner we can get these people where they belong — in the hearts and minds of their loved ones. Zines are available in the shop.

Week 21: Repeat spirit contacts, seeking a home

Some of these folks have come through before, I’m sure of it. Posting this week’s drawings and officially launching a cool project this week. Stay tuned. <3

Email me to claim any one on this blog, thesunlightoracle@gmail.com