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Spirit Portrait commission

$300.00 USD

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Spirit portraits are paintings of our loved ones on the other side, rendered by Sunlight Oracle without any previous image references or information. They are created in a trance state and come with a page-long message, transcribed by Sunlight Oracle through psychic mediumship.

Things to know before ordering a commissioned portrait: 

1. Sunlight Oracle cannot control who comes to connect. In many cases the person rendered on the canvas will be whom you're hoping to hear from, but in other cases it may be someone else. The accompanying information likely will describe why this contact has been made, and at what time. 

2. Spirit portraiture is not, nor claims to be, an exact science. It's an art form that depicts Spirit communication from the medium.

3. Oil paintings may take three weeks to render, due to the drying processes. If you have a faster deadline (i.e. this is a gift for someone), please e-mail and let this deadline be known. There's no guarantee it can be met.

4. All paintings are 4 x 5 inches, all drawings are 11 x 14 inches.

By purchasing a Spirit portrait you herein recognize agree to the terms above and assume recognize the unique nature of Spirit art.

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