Meet Sunlight Oracle

Hi, friends.
I am Sunlight Oracle, and I’m a psychic medium in Los Angeles. 

Like many mediums, I actively suppressed my intuitive gifts for years. My abilities did not resurface until I committed to a sober life at the age of 28. I have since created online resources for other people seeking sobriety or liberation from suffering.

My path has been unconventional. I've worked as a newspaper photographer, documentary film assistant, fine artist, obituary writer (totally makes sense now), and as an art teacher; but nothing has made more sense to me than being a psychic medium. 

 My mediumship expresses itself in the form of 1:1 readings, courses, writings, and Spirit drawings.

I am here to connect you with your loved ones on the other side as well as up your spiritual connection through online mentorship

I am certain that we're all capable of developing our intuition. It's simply a matter of how much you want to explore it.

Readings with me take place in a judgment-free zone, and all are welcome. There is nothing that is too weird.

Let's connect.

Sunlight Oracle x

This is a photo of me with all my stream-of-consciousness journals, saved from 2018 through 2022.