Who is Sunlight Oracle?

Sunlight Oracle is a psychic medium based in Los Angeles. 
She offers readings, mentorship, oracle decks, 
and free resources for spiritual seekers.

My readings create space for those seeking contact with loved ones on the other side, as well as guidance for your present life on earth.

My style is unique, accurate, direct, empathic, and ideal for spiritual seekers who find themselves wondering:

“Could there be more to life than this?”

Working as a psychic medium is a byproduct of my ongoing healing and sobriety. This is, in large part, is what makes my spiritual pursuits possible. I also credit my artistic mind.

I work from a place of non-judgment, transparency, and vulnerability in an effort to put you at ease. These readings are not at all spooky, they are comforting, healing, and delightful.

Sunlight Oracle is the only psychic mediumship service that alleviates grief for spiritual seekers by connecting you to the Spirit World and to the Divine within yourself.

There is no topic that is too weird. There are no dumb questions. All are welcome.

Let's connect.

Sunny of Sunlight Oracle x

This is a photo of me with all my stream-of-consciousness journals.
I have kept up with a daily 30-minute journal practice since March of 2018.