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Creating Space: 21-day meditation transformation

$75.00 USD

This is a three-week, self-study workshop for those who seek to explore different forms of meditation, with Sunlight Oracle as a guide. This 21-day course is designed to improve connection to the Self as means of reducing stress and strengthening the intuition. It's a good reset for returning veterans, and a comprehensive introduction for newbies.

This course features:

- Daily emails  that provide you with a combination of guided meditations (x10), journal prompts, exposure to new kinds of meditation, worksheets, and more. 

- A  video lecture about subconscious programming + science-backed research of meditation.

- A 21-day calendar hand-designed calendar so you know what's coming, how much time to carve out for your Self each day (average amount of time carved out per activity is ~9 minutes)

- 24/7 access to Sunlight Oracle's e-mail box for all meditation and spiritual awakening questions.

Benefits of the course include:

- Accountability  from your trusted guide, Sunlight Oracle. This means no longer having to search random meditations on Spotify, YouTube, etc.

- Increased knowledge of the Self

- Exposure to different forms of meditation to suit your moods and emotional/energetic needs as life rolls onward

- The benefits of meditation are truly limitless!!

Other notes:

- This is a great pre-requisite course for any and all intuition-related work (light work, psychic work, mediumship, artistic flow, etc) provided by Sunlight Oracle in the Locate Your Intuition workshop. 

- Once you purchase this and sign-up, please allow 24 hours for Sunny to get you set up on the course e-mail system. <3

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