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Born without Boundaries

$100.00 USD

This course will be completed on Teachable, an online portal for adult education. Course content will be made available week-by-week, but can be completed at your own pace.

Born without Boundaries is a 4-week online course that teaches you how to confidently set energetic boundaries to align with authentic self. 

After this course you'll be empowered to

  • Set + maintain boundaries in your relationships, guilt-free
  • Improve the quality of your relationships
  • Address issues around boundary-setting, from the root (hello, subconscious mind, nice to meet you!)
  • Pursue a peaceful life free from obligation
  • Break karmic and subconscious patterns that have likely hindered you for lifetimes
  • Connect to your divinity

Features of this course include

  • 8+ x lectures outlining the subconscious drivers and conscious knowledge necessary to set and maintain healthy boundaries, as it relates specifically to you and your Human Design.
  • An introduction to your own Human Design chart and how your energy works in harmony with others
  • Worksheets and exercises intended to help you unearth your subconscious patterns in relationships
  • New, recorded Sunlight Oracle meditations + exposure to new forms of meditation
  • Guided rituals (grab your sage, grab your tarot)
  • Community of likeminded individuals


*Payment plan available with a $100 deposit, as seen here. Sunny will e-mail you to coordinate dates to pay the remaining balance, which can be sent through Paypal (Venmo not accepted).

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