Synchronicity + Hilma af Klint

Synchronicities: Some write them off as coincidences, but many spiritually-inclined folks understand these experiences to be meaningfully related.

I recently released a painting series and made it available on my artist website. My friend Dawn, who is also a medium, purchased a print of the painting above, and she told me it reminded her of Swedish artist Hilma af Klint. Naturally, I began to research Klint extensively (I have a degree in art history, which many may find useless, but I have found it to be remarkably practical in my life).

When I researched Hilma, not only did I discover that we are both psychic mediums (!), but also that we both paint without underdrawings, or preliminary sketches. We paint intuitively and from a completely receptive state. Many people don’t know about Hilma, a member of  the pre-Modern abstract movement, because she requested that her paintings not be shown to the public until 20 years after her death; she did not feel as though anyone would understand them yet.

While I was looking at her work, I saw a yellow spiral in this piece, which I immediately recognized. Turns out I had subconsciously cut out that spiral and added it to a Sunlight Oracle promo collage on my 1:1 page. See here:

The night after Dawn mentioned Hilma to me, she visited me in a dream. When people ask me about visitation dreams, I’ve always understood them to be the Spirit’s last-ditch effort at trying to get your attention, i.e. when you’re in the vulnerable state of sleeping as opposed to the waking state of supressing. 

In my dream, Hilma and I were on an air plane together, painting the same MEET YOUR MAKER painting in front of a large group of onlookers. We were mixing neon oil paints in my prized food processor. I can now welcome Hilma into my artist process, and I am so excited to create more spirit-inspired painting for the world with her help.



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