What’s an energy vortex?

Sometimes I talk to people who are surprised to find themselves on the path. “When did this whole spirituality thing happen to me, and why?” is a question I get often.I usually begin my answer by pointing toward the karmic effects of the global pandemic. So many us — dare I say the majority of us? — have experienced collective grief, loss, and uncertainty as result of global chaos and tragedy. 

The way I see it, in my mind’s eye, is like a giant gong was struck and loads of people were primed to hear it. What seems to complicate this otherwise simple vision is that I see that sound from gong as emanating from inside each of us, not outside of us.

And yet there are physical places that exist outside of us that carry that similar curiosity-inducing effect. These places are known as energy vortexes.  Energy vortexes aren’t new, though they’re on trend and culturally-relevant, as more and more of us desire to seek answers to life’s bigger questions.

Energy vortexes are considered to be places on Earth where energy is entering into our planet or exiting away from it. For spiritual seekers, these special places can ultimately increase levels of self-awareness, healing, introspection, and feeling at one with nature. 

Most recently I found myself visiting Mount Shasta in Northern California, located on Wintu land (the land of many indigenous tribes). My boyfriend and I met my our friends from Portland, who’d  booked a campground at Castle Crags State Park, not knowing the site was a revered vortex. I did zero research ahead of time, and it was only upon leaving that I knew it’d all been a synchronicity. 

I now know, in my soul, that the Shasta-Trinity National Forest is special. And I know I’m still experiencing recalibration that took place for me there. I know that my meditations were vivid, direct, and the messages I received were validated later. But really I write this blog because I know (how many times can I say this?) energy vortexes are really available to everyone, and their effects are to be experienced first-hand. 

Some folks struggle with the concept of God and simply come to consider God to be the (G)reat (O)ut (D)oors, or nature itself. May this blog inspire you to set down your phone, log off your computer, place your feet in on Mother Earth and just be.

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Other U.S.A. energy vortexes include but are not limited to:

-  Sedona, Arizona (definitely the most popular among my friends)
-  Crater Lake, Oregon (my next stop)
-  Ojai, California
- Halibut Cove, Alaska
- Mount Mitchell, North Carolina

Sobriety + Intuition

This week I celebrated 900 days of sobriety. 

My approach to sobriety is, unsurprisingly, a spiritual one. And while traditional 12-step support groups were founded on spiritual principles, I was moved to navigate my path solo.  At the beginning, this felt like a curse (“Why can’t I just be *normal* about this?”), but recently I’ve come to see it as a blessing.

After 60 days of white-knuckling sobriety, my intuition led me to a free, daily yoga practice (shout out to my angel guide Adriene Mishler, IYKYK!) and tarot cards. These practices helped me process and make sense of “feeling feelings” again, i.e. emotional regulation. It is the continued commitment to these practices that has led me to developing my natural mediumship, which is my favorite spiritual practice of them all.

After 900 days sober, I have come to learn this: My reason for staying sober is not only for my own health and sanity, but also for my desire to serve others in a spiritual capacity. 

When I am sober, I can create a sacred space for others to join me and process grief; grief is a feeling of loneliness and disorientation that I very much understand. While each person’s grief is wholly unique, there is a universal power in feeling seen and feeling known that can carry us through the hardest times. That’s why I stay sober; sobriety is what makes it possible for me to do this work and connect to humanity in the way I wish to.

And so here’s to 900 days. And 900 more. And if you’re reading this, our souls are in sync, and I love you. 

The Intuitive Spectrum

Greeting, Earthlings!

Part of my current mission here is to empower people to trust and use their intuition as means of living a gentler and more authentic life.

As a member of Western society, I spent much of my life consciously attempting to use the psychological functions of logic and rationale to make my decisions. Logic and rationale are super valuable (don’t get it twisted), but I often felt that they were overshadowing my most natural function: the intuition.

The intuition is an irrational psychological function. The intuition knows where things are going/what things are without conscious evidence or proof, which is often unacceptable to a society that chooses to value functions of logic and rationale above all else. For every person who seems to fall to the right on the intuitive spectrum (1.1), there is another person, institution, or entity there to say, “No, your feelings aren’t founded.” And yet many of us know that these feelings are founded, and they have proven themselves to be correct — we just don’t know how.  

Our intuition in all of its abstract nature has traveled from the subconscious mind and into our conscious mind enough times to know that there’s an intelligence at play here (“I always know my bff is going to call 5 minutes before she does”, “I know when my baby is sick, even though she can’t tell me”). And that those who dismiss its power in others dismiss the power within themselves.

It’s not that some of us are born with the ability to be intuitive and others are not; it’s that some of us are born further on the right of the spectrum. We can all move and develop toward the right of the spectrum if we so choose. And if we’re already there, we can learn how to live in harmony with our intuitive nature, even though it’s at odds with our collective Western society.

I’ve been there, my friends. And now my work, in addition to connecting you to the Spirit World and alleviating grief in spiritual seekers, is to empower other people who feel their primary psychological function is delegitimized by their environment.

You can learn to use your intuition and feel perfectly at home within your Self. 

If you want to recover your intuition, or simply learn more about it, book a free discovery call with me here.

As always, I’m here to answer any questions you may have. I design my curriculum and exercises in response to your needs. Any insight you have is of great value to me.

Hope to see ya soon.

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