Spirit portraits in oil, pt. 2

This week I am sharing three new Spirit portraits from my little outdoor studio. I have begun to paint in my driveway, on the side of my tiny apartment, for hours on end. I have always enjoyed Spirit portraiture, but something about painting is really alchemical and magical. It also requires tremendous patience between drying times. These people visit me and they stick around while I paint, tell me when to stop, and tell me when they’re ready to finish. Sometimes it’s days later, like in the case of all three of these folks. 

If you recognize any of these people, please contact me by email me at sunny@sunlightoracle.com. If you’d like to commission me for a personal, tiny Spirit portrait, you can send me an email inquiry to the same address. Thanks for visiting:)! Please share with a friend if you feel compelled.

Spirit portraits in oil, vol. 1

Today I share with you a handful of the many mini-Spirit-portraits I’ve painted this month. This is my first time ever using oil paint, and I can somehow get locked into creating these for hours on end. 

Read captions for description, and e-mail me if you recognize any of these folks. You can e-mail me at sunny@sunlightoracle.com to claim a portrait and the accompanying info.  I am also open to do personalized spirit portrait paintings for commission (just e-mail).

Things to consider (if you’re new to spirit portraiture or need a refresher):

  • Sometimes (oftentimes) people appear much younger than they were during their final stage of life. Wouldn’t you want to be depicted in your prime? There’s always a relevance for the age they select, and you’re likely to know what that relevance is.
  • There are a lot of Spirit communicators talking to me at once, so if you feel like you can take at least 80% of the info provided in the caption + image, please contact me. Getting 100% clear message happens, but it is not always the case.
  • If you feel drawn to a portrait, but can’t quite see the resemblance, try holding the image of the portrait up to a mirror. It is a strange thing, how Spirits often come in mirror-image.
  • If you have a gut feeling that one of these portraits is for someone you know, feel free to share this blog and invite them to take a look fro themselves. If you don’t feel like the person would be open to receiving a message from the other side, please do not share. The portrait will find its way home in its own time. And sometimes it take a long, long while.

5 reality-bending road trip destinations (California)

California has the reputation of being a pretty far-out place. In my 6+ years as a resident, my favorite way to exacerbate the trippy energy of this place is to get in the car and feel it for myself.  Here are five road trip destinations that have delivered the reality-bending experience that so many seek.

1. Garth’s Boulder Garden near Pioneertown, Calif.

Property owner and spiritual guide Garth (not pictured) created a space in the Mojave High Desert for seekers of all spiritual backgrounds. After spending several years as a Christian vagabond, Garth found his ideal land, bought it from the original owners, and opened its 640 acres to all. For the past 42 years Garth has sought to harmonize with the land and educate seekers about the land’s divine properties; residents claim the land as an energetic vortex. My boyfriend, dear friend Sophie, and I got a tour from 9-year-resident, Kyle (seen here looking at crystals outside of Garth’s teepee). This was the most reality-bending place I’ve been in my road-tripping life, for reasons I can’t put into words yet. Learn more about Garth’s here. You really just have to go for your Self (ask for Kyle to give you the tour).

2. Felicity, California — also known as ’The Center of the World’ (1986)
My boyfriend and I stopped here in the late summer of 2020 on an aimless road trip through the Sonoran Desert. Jacques-Andre Istel, a Korean War veteran and self-proclaimed mayor of Felicity (population: 2), purchased the barren land with money from his successful parachute schools business. He then placed a metal disk in the center of a pyramid, which bolstered his claim the land was indeed, “The Center of the World.” Other features include a blue and white Chapel (we couldn’t go in, pandemic stuff), long rows of granite engraved with highly curated history and philosophy, and the mysterious pyramid. Spiritual vibes exist here, but what I like about it is that it’s a huge monument that communicates the idea that we can create our own reality. I don’t know anyone else who has been here, which is why I now share it with you.

3. Salvation Mountain in Niland, California

A larger-than-life spiritual creation by artist and local desert dweller Leonard Knight, Salvation Mountain is a magic magnet for the California roadtripper. I have visited this piece a handful of times, and no matter what time of day it is — there are always many people visiting. Like Felicity, this creation is trying to get the viewer to buy into the vision of the artist, in this case that of Christianity. While I do not subscribe to the Christian religion, I am again inspired by the bold statement, the vision, and the allure of such a magnetic structure.
What does it mean that Instagram influencers flock here for content? Does a work of art gain or lose its value when photographed? Does Knight’s message permeate our subconscious through repetition (of images)? These are things I think about at Salvation Mountain. I also think it’s beautiful to look at. 

P.S. While you’re here, drive a few miles north and also check out outsider art at East Jesus.

4. Mount Shasta, Wintu Land 

I recently wrote this short blog on the magic of Mount Shasta, an energy vortex in Northern California. Energy vortexes are considered to be places on Earth where energy is entering into our planet or exiting away from it. For spiritual seekers, these special places can ultimately increase levels of self-awareness, healing, introspection, and feeling at one with nature. This place has a lot of spiritual lore surrounding the mountain, specifically the non-Native mythical history of the Lumurians and the hidden city of Telos. Far out.

5. Salton Sea, California

The Salton Sea, a 1950s desert playground, is rich in the energy of what once was. The manmade lake, created in 1905 when the Colorado River flooded, was a desirable location for speedboat racing fans and the Hollywood elite. But now when you walk its grounds, the amusement features have been abandoned, and the spirit of the desert triumphs over man’s attempt to civilize its dominant aura. Now known to be increasingly toxic with ever-rising salinity levels, the Salton Sea is home to some 500 residents in the winter months. If you seek apolocalyptic, funky, American-Horror-Story vibes, the Salton Sea will do you right (I love it).

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