Live platform mediumship vs. 1:1 reading

Greetings, seekers! And if you came to my first real demonstration on Zoom this week, I want to say thank you for trusting me. Reading for your loved ones is a privilege I do not take lightly. If you couldn’t make it, I plan to offer another one in the future.

I am about a year and a half into my mediumship development, but it kinda feels like I’ve always done this. At this point, I’ve given over 175+ professional readings, 95% of them in the 1:1 setting. As a double Scorpio (and as a generally intense person), I gravitate toward offering 1:1 services because there is so much room for depth, quality, and the unveiling of a unique-to-you spiritual experience.

Giving my first platform demonstration was kind of the opposite. The way it works is I connect with the other side and receive a description of who the Spirit people were on Earth, how they may have passed, what their family is like, etc. I bring this information forward and give a five-minute reading, which can be claimed by any member of the audience.

What I have come to understand is that the Spirit person who steps forward may be more of a spokesperson for all the other people who share a similar energetic frequency. It’s called “piggybacking”.

For instance, I was translating communication from a young, religious girl who passed tragically in a car accident, by no fault of her own, after making her decision to pursue a college education. Three people could recognize the essence of the girl, but my intuition drew me toward one of the three people, and the reading became more evidential and specific from there (shout out to Carol!). But for a few moments, all three people were able to feel the essence of their loved ones in that one reading — even if they couldn’t take all the information I was channeling. 

This is cool because it gives the opportunity for multiple people to heal a little piece of their soul simultaneously. While 1:1 readings offer much greater depth (we have a whole 40 minutes to work together), platform offers community healing. And I’m happy to explore this modality and continue to further develop my mediumship within it.

Thanks again for allowing me to translate Spirit communication for you. To me, this is the coolest job ever.