Human Design + Strategy

If you’re getting into Human Design then it’s likely you’ve stumbled upon the golden rule: When in doubt, follow your strategy and authority. As long as you are experimenting with your strategy and authority, you will feel and find yourself in alignment.

This week I’m breaking down the Human Design strategies with artistic explanations. Next time, I will speak more on the AUTHORITY part of the equation. Enjoy reading about your STRATEGY.

Manifestors have a closed and repelling aura. This closed aura gives them ample opportunity to channel Divine. When they receive a creative urge or message, it is their job TO INFORM the other types about the vision/urge. Their aura *does* open when they practice INFORMING others of what it is they’re feeling, thinking, emoting, etc (illustrated here), which naturally then puts others at ease. Manifestors are the fire starters and without them there’d be nothing for Generators to respond to, Projectors to guide, or Reflectors to sample/reflect. Due to their wild urges and creative fervor, Manifestors bouts of genius must be countered with serious bouts of rest and recharge.


Generators and MGs have a warm, enveloping, magnetic aura (roughly 70% of the population). They are custodians of the sacral energy; in other words, they are born with the energy to go, do, and create for long periods of time. Generators/MGs can rest assured knowing that every opportunity meant for them will come to them due to the warm and magnetic aura. They are the ideal type to build and materialize the visions of the Manifestor with their own unique flair (though MGs have the ability to do both, more on that in 1:1 sessions). This may at first seem disempowering, but Generators and MGs are TO RESPOND (yes or no) based on *what lights them up*. The more excited a Generator is about what they’re working on, the more energy and focus they generate. When Generators work on things that do not light them up, they lose their electric vibe and burn out. It is crucial they develop a strong relationship to their intuition so they can make aligned decisions for themselves and not misdirect their sacral energy. They’re truly electric beings, and I marvel at their power!


Projectors have a penetrating, focused, and absorbing aura. This makes them able to deeply see and feel the experience of the other types (more on that in 1:1 sessions). Because the Projector aura can absorb depths of the other, this aura has potential to come off as invasive or uncomfortable to other types; therefore, it is important that Projectors WAIT FOR THE INVITATION to share their insights with others or risk being unrecognized. Being invited to share insight is everything for Projectors, so if you have some in your life, acknowledge and invite them as much as possible. This strategy can feel disempowering at first, but it is timing that ultimately empowers the Projector to fulfill their potential and experience success; when the Projector insight *is* invited, it is electric and truly transformational for others.  Projectors and Generators make a particularly harmonious match (pictured here), as Generators are here to respond and Projectors are here to help guide their response toward authenticity and alignment. Projectors hold within them the template for a new era in humanity, and they are here the other types toward that new future. In the meantime, in between invitations, Projectors are encouraged to study systems and interests in great depth, though as a non-sacral type they must counter their studies with serious rest (much like Manifestors and Reflectors).


 Let it be known: Reflectors are sacred beings, and if you know one you are lucky to have them around. While the other three types have a purpose that shines through them, Reflectors are here to mirror and amplify those purposes back to us. When you meet with a Reflector, you meet with your Self.
Reflectors are likely to feel like different people from one day to the next, because Reflectors become their environment. For this reason, their strategy is to WAIT A 28-DAY LUNAR CYCLE before making a big change or decision. Over 28 days, they will collect a sufficient amount of data about the range of emotions to correctly choose the most aligned next step. But what really differentiates Reflectors is that they’re not inherently interested in studying themselves;  these folks can attune to the energy of their communities and therefore they operate best at the center of their communities where the collective can benefit from their wisdom. Reflectors have the least amount of information about their type because it is still being understood. They stand alone.

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This information may not make sense or even feel accessible at first, but with time and more experimentation with your HD type, you will find yourself becoming more and more curious about it. I found out about Human Design a couple years ago, and only recently has it really sunk in and begun to alter my view of the world.

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