Human Design and Aura Mechanics

Alright, I’m *all in* on the Human Design experiment right now. I’m studying this system several days a week with pleasure and ease. 

If you don’t know your Human Design type, you can find out what it is here. Then come back and get the skinny below.

This system is highly effective in increasing self-awareness, but what seems to set it apart from other systems I’ve studied is that it provides actionable solutions to experiment with.

Where should we begin? With HOW THE AURAS WORK FOR EACH TYPE 


  • INTRO TO MANIFESTORS (9% of the population):

Manifestors often feel as though they’ve been called to this life to *do something big* or that they’re *here for a specific reason*  — and indeed, they are here to start the fire! The Manifestor aura is closed, repelling, and cannot be penetrated by others. The mechanics of this aura allow for the Manifestor to spend time uninterrupted + it allows them to come up with (or channel) their next contribution to humanity. The Manifestor’s strong presence may have an intimidating effect on others, so it’s crucial that they learn how TO INFORM others of what they are thinking, doing, feeling, emoting, etc.  Manifestors do not need to wait to act upon anything in order to have support from the Universe, and their ideas are often believed to be channeled via Divinity itself. Learn more about how to exercise your authority as a Manifestor here.

  • GENERATORS AND MANIFESTING-GENERATORS (31% and 37% respectively)
  • Strategy: TO RESPOND

Generators and MGs create the most dominant aura energy type on the planet, together making up roughly 70% of the population. Their auras are magnetic, inviting, and warm, so Generators and MGs can rest assured that all opportunities will come to them. Generators and MGs are the custodians of the sacral energy; the buzzing, electric energy that’s required to accomplish tasks, create things, meet goals, etc. over long periods of time. This is what makes them the natural hustlers, doers, and go-getters. Learn more about how to exercise your Generator/MG authority here.

  • PROJECTORS (22% of the population)

Projectors have a penetrating, focused, and absorbing aura. This makes them able to see and feel the experience of the other types (more on that in 1:1 sessions), so that Projectors can effectively GUIDE the other(s). Projectors hold within them the template for a new era in humanity, and they are here to guide the other types toward that new future. Because the Projector aura is penetrating and can see deeply into the identity of other people, this aura has potential to come off as invasive or uncomfortable to other types, which can be managed by exercising the Projector strategy,  to wait for the invitation. Learn more about the Projector authority here.

  • REFLECTORS (1% of the population)

Reflectors, the rarest Human Design type, have a SAMPLING aura which allows them to mirror and amplify other people’s energy back to them. The other three types have their purpose “shining” through them, while Reflectors are designed to reflect the sun’s programming; Reflectors have no defined centers (their whole chart is white). Due to their openness, Reflectors have the potential to yield the deepest wisdom of all 4 aura types. Many aspects of the Reflector can be traced back to our early human ancestors that lived in harmony with the cosmos, and therefore their strategy is to WAIT A 28-DAY LUNAR CYCLE. Learn more about the Reflector strategy here. 

→→→→→→ You can book a 1:1 Human Design reading with Sunlight Oracle to help you begin to understand your unique Human Design chart. Sunny has worked with clients as young as 10 and as old as 94. She’s experienced in working directly 1:1 with all Human Design types, and especially welcomes those folks who wish to become the most authentic version of them Selves. 

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