5 tips for your first reading with a medium

So you’ve booked your first reading with a medium, and you don’t know how to prepare. The good news is that you don’t have to do anything — just show up with an open mind!

Here’re some tips for first-timers:

1.  While mediumship takes on spooky connotations in contemporary society, good medium readings are intended to be a relaxing, healing, and memorable experience for you.

2.  Jitters are normal and will likely dissipate as the reading unfolds. Sometimes meditation or mindful breathing before a session will help to calm the nervous system.

3. Do not give the medium excessive information about who you are, who your loved one is, dates, names, etc. For me, having more information about your life or the life of your loved one will compromise the validity of the reading. The less I know about you beforehand, the better the reading will be. Beware of mediums who fish for information and ask too many questions.

4. If you come to a reading without a specific spirit person in mind, please note that spirits may take the opportunity to deliver messages to you that are intended for others; in other words, you become a medium too. 

5.  If the medium does not establish a proper/recognizable connection within the first 5 minutes, any medium worth their salt will offer a refund. This does not mean your loved one does not want to connect with you, or that the medium is a fraud. It simply means the medium is not a good match.

Whether you’re actively grieving the death of a loved one or simply curious enough to see who comes through, mediumship can make you see the world differently. <3 

Sunlight Oracle

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