10 things I’ve learned about the other side (in 2022)

After reflecting on my first full year as a full-time mystic and medium, here’s what I’ve come to understand about the Spirit World. Please note that this list is not scientific fact, nor am I claiming to know universal truth. This list has been compiled by my practice/experience as a psychic medium and reflects recurrent themes in spirit communication in 100+ private readings.

The List:

1. We all come to Earth with a purpose. While the purpose may be simple, the ways in which we go about expressing that purpose are truly infinite . We are meant to fulfill our purpose in our unique and authentic way.

2. We are capable of healing our ancestors and passed loved ones by healing ourselves. Loved ones who die with unfinished business will always thank you for this.

3. No one on the other side carries over their addictions, nor their rage.

4. People on the other side can see their hardships and mistakes in more dimensional ways, but they are not all-knowing beings.

5.  Death is a return to Source.

6. Many souls have contracts with other souls, and have agreed to work together, on earth and in tandem, for many lifetimes. Think: Two lovers, a parent and a child, a grandmother and her granddaughter. Souls who have a contract usually have eerie similarities in indescribable, psychic ways.

7. Souls on the other side are aware of new additions to our families. In some cases, they are the ones who selected and sent the new addition to the family (whether that addition is a new baby or a new romantic partner).

8. Our loved ones on the other side have vast perspective and can offer us precognitive insights about what is happening earth side, though they will never offer these insights to burden us or cause unnecessary alarm.

9. Souls in bodies (humans) have free will and can choose to listen to the guidance of their loved ones/spirit team, or dismiss it.

10.  Just because we cannot see what lies beyond does not mean there isn’t anything there.

Thanks to all who subscribe to, book, purchase, engage with, and support my work. You make my dreams for this world possible. ILY. Onward, to 2023!

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