"What can I expect?" and more FAQs!

1.) Which reading type is right for me?

I recommend mediumship readings for those who are seeking evidence and messages from their loved ones on the other side. If you are experiencing active and/or unprocessed grief, mediumship can be of great value to you.  Perhaps your loved one transitioned years ago, or perhaps it's only been a matter of months; it is never too late to meet with the other side. 

Mediumship is also for those who seek to expand their own understanding of consciousness.

I recommend psychic and Human Design readings for those who do not desire to connect with the other side at this time, but wish to receive accurate spiritual insight pertaining to life's current situations. You have the option of receiving a psychic session or a Human Design reading (What's Human Design?)

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2.) How can I best prepare?

I wrote this little blog to offer you five simple insights for mediumship preparation.

Note that medium readings are meant to be evidential, healing, and delightful. You can simply show up, relax, and allow me to do the work for you.

3.) How does it work?

When we meet, I will introduce myself and begin to tune in, like a radio station, to the energetic frequencies of your passed loved ones. 

When I am fully connected, I'll be inundated with information that comes in the forms of images, sounds, songs, names, dates, objects, facts, feelings, and more. I am trained to make sense of what these impressions mean and deliver them to you in the form of a message. I often compare mediumship to translating a foreign language, paraphrasing where I need to and emphasizing what's most important. 

4.) How did you know you were a medium?

I didn't know I was a medium until I got sober at 28. My recovery and budding spirituality complemented each other well. As I began to heal myself, my gifts revealed themselves quite naturally, which is something I am grateful for every day.

5.) Can any one communicate with the other side?

100%, yes. I believe all of us are capable spirit communication, and we're all born somewhere on the spectrum of intuition. A lot of the work in spirit communication has to do with healing and trusting the Self, which is why I also offer 1:1 intuitive teaching (see last option). Intuition is the seed from which psychic and mediumistic knowing grows.

Clips from mediumship readings:

From past client readings — Karla*

This 1-min clip from the end of Karla's reading with her sister shows us how Spirit sometimes will communicate through references to specific objects of importance.

*All clips shared with expressed permission from the sitter + spirit.

From past client readings — Veronica*

This 90-second clip with Veronica shows how our friends can still crack inside jokes with us from the other side.

*All clips shared with expressed permission from the sitter + spirit.

Skepticism + Mediumship — Hollie*

This video features a woman named Hollie, whom I helped connect with her son, Anthony. Anthony died tragically in an auto accident at the age of 20. The reading went really well and I was able to provide “un-Googleable” evidence, i.e. things I couldn’t logically know about her son and their relationship. I was also able to have a conversation with Hollie's boyfriend about the skepticism that inevitably surrounds the mediumship and psychic industry. This is a good video to watch when you have our doubts about mediumship.

*All clips shared with expressed permission from the sitter + spirit.

In their own words...

Gina T. from Colorado


This was my first reading, and I sought it out because I'd been struggling with grief, death, and questions about the other side.

I was blown away by the accuracy of my reading with Sunlight Oracle. After sitting with it for a couple of days,  I've been able to feel the comfort of my loved one's spirit in a whole new way. I can't express my gratitude enough.

Abigail from Chicago


I have had several readings now with Sunny, and I have always found her to be accurate, helpful and probative. Her insight has pushed me to grow deeply as a human and on my spiritual journey. 

I really appreciate that Sunny does not repeat what she thinks you want to hear, but rather approaches the work with honesty and depth. She is always willing to continue the reading until you feel clear on the message that your spirit team needs you to hear. I can't wait for my next reading.

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